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Your customers can book parties online anytime.
Convenient and saves time for everyone!
Book Party Packages Online
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Your customers can book parties
directly from your website
No need for phone calls or downloaded request forms
Book Party Packages Online
Online Party Booking

Party Bookings 24/7

Customers can schedule and pay for parties online.

  • Availability updated in real-time
  • No double booking
  • Offer custom party packages

Party and event features

Real-Time Availability

Online Bookings

Book and pay for parties 24/7 with real-time calendar availability. No double booking. Accept online deposits.

Custom Party Packages

Custom Party Packages

Sell custom party packages: simple or complex; with tiered pricing options

Add Ons

Add Ons

Increase sales by offering add-ons, pizza, cake, party favors, experiences, and more!

Speedy Check-in

Guest Check-in

Quickly account for everyone coming through the door

Event Schedule

Event Schedule

Gain insights and prepare for the day and weeks ahead

Capacity Management

Capacity Management

Track and control your capacity for your party rooms, and cabanas

Room Rentals

Room Reservations

Inventory controlled event rooms, cabanas, lockers, tubes, and other limited resources. Refundable deposits

Event Analytics

Event Analytics

See which packages sell, guest counts, and revenue for events in real-time

Custom Forms

Custom Forms

Collect required and optional info with customizable forms.

Custom Party Packages
Party Packages

Custom Party Packages

Your party packages can be as unique as your business.

  • Packages can be simple or complex
  • Packages include a description, fee, and optional deposit
  • Calendar view with real-time availability
  • Offer add-on options to party packages
Party Add Ons

Party Add-Ons

Add-ons bring excitement to any event and increase sales!

  • Customers can easily upgrade party packages with add-ons
  • Add-ons are customizable, food, drink, additional guests, party favors, and more
  • Add-on experiences like face-painting, attraction rides, animal encounters, unlimited options.
Customer Details
Custom Forms

Customer Details

Collect specific information about the event and
your guests ahead of time to better serve them.

  • Forms are completely customizable
  • Capture text, date, checkbox, and drop list fields
  • Make input required or optional
Accept Deposits Online
Online Deposits

Accept Deposits Online

Deposits can help guests fit their ideal package into their budget.

  • Offer optional deposits for higher priced party packages
  • Set the deposit amount you want to charge and collect the balance at a future date
  • Customers are emailed a link to securely pay their balance due
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